Even Ranulph Fiennes's chilblains were of epic proportions

By Admin on August 12, 2010

Even Ranulph Fiennes's chilblains were of epic proportions. If women dumped half-ton propane gas cylinders over the Atlas mountains and spent more time eating chocolate in upturned yachts, we'd get a lot more respect.Melanie Griffith in the Sun: "The last time I went out without make-up, he [Antonio Banderas] looked at me as if to say: 'Have I really married this old bag?' I'll never forget that look It was full of disgust for my wrinkles and saggy skin. If he didn't think that way, why would he make me exercise for five hours a day and keep sending me to the plastic surgeon?"Allan Massie in the Daily Mail: "Yet the spirit of adventure, however contrived remains one of man's most attractive and vital qualities. This is why, despite everything, I applaud Branson, and commiserate with him on his failure even if, judged by any serious standard, his adventure was only a self-indulgent game - like a small boy pretending the wood at the end of the garden is the Amazon jungle."Two people, both rich, famous and successful. One having the time of his life, the other subject to a daily torrent of disapproval. One free to fail, the other not allowed an eyelash out of place.

One obsessed with circling the globe, the other confined to worries about her waistline.No wonder women turn inward and sit at home forlorn and bedraggled. One study has shown that the average woman need only look at a photograph of Claudia Schiffer for three minutes in order to feel depressed, stressed, guilty and ashamed.We would obviously all feel a lot better if we'd invented rape, the slave trade, epic poetry, the Industrial Revolution and the nuclear bomb, if we'd denuded the earth of its forests, sent hundreds of species into extinction, driven a hole in the ozone and instigated a few world wars What stick- in-the-muds women are. Where's our sense of adventure, 'man's most attractive and vital quality'? Where are our bungled ballooning attempts? Come on, girls. Get with it.What a hilarious to-do people have made of the monarchy debate, or "so-called monarchy debate" as the participants and critics now describe it. Pundits who took part (Ann Leslie) are as irate about having been included, as others (Nikolai Tolstoy and Hugo Vickers) were at being belatedly excluded. The Palace liked nothing about it except the result of the phone vote. .

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